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Spectacular speed, crazy racetracks, cool cars and breathtaking thrills - racing games are one of the oldest genres in video games - and still haven't lost it! Choose your favorites here!


Blur Score: 82
Score: 83%
Genre Racing
Publisher Activision
Developer Bizarre Creations
Platforms Xbox 360/PS3/PC
Released 28.05.2010
PEGI 322.gif
Summary Blur: Powered-Up Racing. Travel the globe to beat the best the streets have to offer. Utilize an armory of Power-ups including huge bursts of energy, defensive shields, nitro speed boosts and mines to beat your rivals across the finish line. Blur features insane collisions, realistic damage, stunning racing environments, real world locations and licensed photo-realistic cars. In multiplayer Blur supports competitive game-play for up to 20 racers online and 4 players locally split-screen.

Split/Second Score: 84
Score: 84%
Genre Racing/Action
Publisher Disney
Developer Black Rock
Platforms Xbox 360/PS3
Released 21.05.2010
PEGI 320.gif
Summary Split/Second is an intense arcade racing game set within the universe of a mega-budget, prime-time reality TV show. Contestants race to be the 1st across the finish line in a made-for-TV city built for destruction, with the ultimate goal of becoming the season champion. The city is rigged to blow and you’re in control of the action – bridges will fall, buildings will be reduced to clouds of dust and cars blown to pieces - devastating explosions will decimate your rivals and rip apart the track, creating new routes and challenging obstacles. Explosive stunts, demolition and balls-out racing thrills combine to create the ultimate high-octane racing experience! Buckle’s about to get explosive out there!

Need For Speed: Shift
Score: 84
Score: 83%
Genre Racing
Publisher EA
Developer Slightly Mad Studios
Platforms Xbox 360/PS3/PC
Released 17.09.2009
PEGI 320.gif
Summary Need for Speed™ SHIFT delivers an authentic racing experience that replicates the true feeling of driving high-end performance cars. SHIFT is being developed by Slightly Mad Studios which includes developers and designers on the critically acclaimed games, GT Legends and GTR 2.

Dirt 2
Score: 89
Score: 90%
Genre Racing
Publisher Codemasters
Developer Codemasters
Platforms Xbox 360/PS3/PC/Wii/Nintendo DS
Released 10.09.2009
PEGI 322.gif
Summary Colin McRae: DiRT 2 features a roster of contemporary off-road events, taking players to the most diverse and challenging real-world environments. This World Tour has players competing in aggressive multi-car and intense solo races at extraordinary new locations, from canyon racing and jungle trails to city stadium-based events.

Trials HD
Score: 86
Score: 86%
Genre Action/Racing
Publisher Microsoft
Developer RedLynx
Platforms Xbox 360
Released 12.08.2009
PEGI 320.gif
Summary Trials HD is a full-featured, physics-based motorcycle racing game with over 50 mind-boggling tracks in two unique game modes. Race Mode emphasizes balance, skill, and control as you tackle indoor obstacle tracks. Skill Mode features extreme stunt tracks in which explosions, crashes, and injuries cannot be avoided. A level editor enables players to create, share and download an unlimited number of free tracks. The game features stunning full HD graphics, rider customization, unlockable bikes, global rankings, all new in-game friend scores, and many other fun features. Can you handle the bruises and broken bones—and take part in a truly unique racing experience?

Motorstorm: Artic Edge
Score: 79
Score: 81%
Genre Racing
Publisher Sony
Developer bigBig Studios
Platforms Sony PSP
Released 18.09.2009
PEGI 322.gif
Summary Head to the Arctic Circle for an off-road racing rampage, where sub-zero hazards, unpredictable terrain and reckless rivals ensure no two laps are ever the same. Racing just went off-piste so throw on your thermals and get set for a dose of pure MotorStorm adrenaline.


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